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Frequently asked questions

What is a request?

Every unique daily request is considered a separate request. These are tracked much like an analytics 'pageview' - and are incremented with each request

Do you offer free trial?

You don't need a free trial. Just build and launch your site for free. Every account gets 10,000 requests free every month. After that, you pay less than 0.0001$ for every request made to your site.

Do you offer discounts?

Currently, we are offering up to an 80% discount for all upfront purchases. All upfront purchased requests will be eligible for a 20% to 40% discount based on actual usage. Standard requests will also eligible to receive 20% 40% discounts based on usage.

What is actual usage?

Every web sites consume different kind of resources based on their design. It's impossible to predict actual resource consumption. We track all requests and resource consumption. By the end of the month, we will apply discounts to your bill based on resource consumption.

How much traffic can the hosting handle?

Streos delivery system automatically scales continuously and consistently to handle any volume of requests.

How fast websites will be delivered

Streos delivery system is capable of delivering your site to any location within 500ms. (If it doesn't require high-quality images and third party resources)

Do you offer refund?

All upfront purchases are refundable. For any refund request submit a ticket or reach us at billing@streos.io

What kind of support you provide?

We offer email and ticket support. For the common issues, our knowledge base would help you.